(Neutraceutical Research Foundation)

The NRF Group has researched, developed and manufactured top quality products in an affordable price range since 1993. There are five products ranges which cover all aspects of good health maintenance for everyone. These are the Premium Range, the Lifestyle Range, the Herbal Range, the Bio Organic Range and the new Colloidal Silver Range. With regular use, these products can be taken regularly to ensure ongoing good health and well being.

NRF products are scientifically researched, laboratory tested and undergoes strict quality control measures. The supplements are optimally balanced and contain only the highest quality ingredients.

NRF products are manufactured by a qualified industrial pharmacist according to a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The process, finished products and shelf life stability are all carefully controlled and analysed in order to conform to the highest standard of quality at all times.

NRF products are laboratory tested and kept updated with any new developments of each and every product. We use only the best pharmaceutical grade raw materials which are tested extensively in a state-of-the-art laboratory for product purity and potency. The tests include testing for micro-herbicides, pesticides and heavy metals. All raw materials used are obtained from reputable suppliers.

NRF Food Matrix™ (patented) and Bio-availability enhancers are the key ingredients in all of our supplements. These are manufactured in a manner which closely imitates real food products in order to ensure that the vitamin content is easily absorbed by the body.

NRF Health products are stocked by leading pharmacies.

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